PROMOTING DIABETES TREATMENTS TO Individuals, Communities, and Healthcare Providers

Advocates for Diabetes Prevention, Treatment, and Awareness

Advocates for Diabetes Prevention, Treatment, and Awareness

Mission Statement

Diabetes Nation is a Non-Profit 501-3c whose mission is to education individuals, communities, and healthcare providers about the complexity of diabetes, by using simple methods to positively influence diabetes prevention, treatment, and awareness.


Create Community awareness of the impact of diabetes, educate individuals on the treatment and prevention of the disease, and advocate for public policy that improves the lives of people who live with Diabetes.

Dedicated to a Healthy Future

Diabetes Nation is an organization whose mission is to inspire healthcare providers to keep pace with the accelerating complexity of treating diabetes, using simple methods to positively influence performance. Long term goals are to:

  • Share successful models of diabetes care through physician collaboration;

  • Provide educational programs and materials to simplify patient care decisions;

  • Demonstrate the importance of electronic based information tracking, at the primary care level, to improve the quality of health care and reduce costs.


  • T1D Buddy Camp in Central Oregon Wilderness for children age 8-18 with Type 1 Diabetes

  • Eat for Life  Central Oregon Community Fruits and Vegetables program for people with Type 2 Diabetes who have food insecurity and need improved diabetes control

  • A1C Greater Than 9%  Improvement program to encourage Care providers to identify and engage their patients with a1c greater than 9%

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